Welcome to Delightfully Disrupted!

Welcome, Bienvenido, Benvenuto

My name is Victoria and I could not be more thrilled to have you here! I have recently found myself encountering a lot of life changes that I was not expecting, and I thought it would be a great experience to write a blog for my personal website.

I went to college expecting things to go a certain way; little did I know that the plans I was making for myself did not need to be, and actually were not, the path that I needed to take. God usually has other plans.

So, with my former plans disrupted, and some displaced, the name of my blog came into being – Delightfully Disrupted.

Expectantly, I am looking forward to all that is to come from this season of my life. I am passionate about travel, language acquisition and communication; I believe that these things are conduits to our understanding the world more and more each day. And I strive to communicate across barriers of language, experience and culture in my work.

Join me as I write about, and reflect on, milestones in my personal and professional life.

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